Wealth & Mental Health Series - BONUS Part 7
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  • Felicia Joly of shares personal stories on how she discovered her own calling and passion.
  • Parts 1 - 5 culminate in this grand finale of the Wealth & Mental Health Series. Part 6 draws on the wisdom and education from previous parts in the series to answer THE BIG question that we all strive for: How to build economic resilience and generational wealth that is pandemic proof!
  • In part 5 of the Wealth & Mental Health Series, we'll look at how we can gain a healthier focus on wealth and it's true meaning, to get to true satisfaction. There are so many gems in Episode 5, just like parts 1-4! 
  • It's all well & good to talk about wealth being joyous, but what about economically disenfranchised families? Financial Security is important. In part 4 of the Wealth & Mental Health Series, we will tackle this challenging conversation on how to operate above your current circumstances.
  • "Toxic Home Ownership" is a Thing! In part 3 of the Wealth & Mental Health Series, we explore our messed up definitions of success, why it needs to change, and what's at stake if it does not.
  • Part 2 of the Wealth & Mental Health Series takes a deep dive into why we've gotten so disconnected from our intrinsic value, what that derailment can look like, and how to fix it. 
  • Do you want to make a financial shift in your life, your family's life? It starts with how you perceive value - your own!
  • In our inaugural episode, we jump right into the basic steps of planning for a multi generational purchase. Useful if you want to start thinking of the high-level steps, as an overview (the coles notes version). Contains the 3 MUST KNOWS before you make a firm offer on any property you plan to buy for[...]
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